Build a Blueprint, A Strategy, A Clear Action Plan which can Take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be!

Whether you are planning to start your Coaching or Consulting Business, or You have just started or are in this business for long, it doesn’t matter. If you feel you need to grow your business, having a blueprint is worth it!

 The best way to get started  – A Power Call with me!

You Might be the Right Fit For this Power Call if You:

Have lots of ideas to grow your business, but you cannot understand which to choose from?

Are overloaded with too much information, and you are feeling overwhelmed.


Think you lack some clarity on how to steer your business further.

You think you need a quick expert’s eye on your current stage and suggest you a pathway.

You feel you need a clear path where you can entirely focus on growing your business.


You are feeling stuck and badly need a breakthrough!

What You Get:

  • A customized workbook to be filled based on the information provided at the beginning.
  • My preparation for the call, based on the workbook you fill in (estimated: extra 90 mins of my time).
  • 40 Mins power discovery video call fully focused on finding your current state/ goals and challenges.
  • Competitor analysis and research that my team will conduct.
  • A blueprint PDF file 
  • A 40 mins power-packed explanation call, where I will explain to you about the blueprint and answer all your questions.

During this call, I will also review your :

  • Existing Digital Assets.
  • Your Business Goals.
  • Your current sales process.
  • The current status of your Coaching or Consulting Business.
  • Your current Branding, Positioning, and Ecosystem


And once we review, My team and I will create a Blueprint for you on How you can take your business from Where You Are Now to Where You Want To Be!

You can use this Blueprint as a guide to follow whenever you want to Scale Up Your Business.

How It Works:

  • You click the button, pay, get started and fill up a form available at the dashboard.
  • You will be mailed a workbook in 48 hours.
  • You fill up a worksheet and send us back.
  • We get on our first video call to further dig into various dynamics of your business for better understanding.
  • We work on your blueprint.
  • We get into the second call, and we discuss with you the blueprint.
  • We make the final changes post discussion and deliver it to you.


Not having a Blueprint can be more costly than spending money on a Blueprint!

Every Growth needs Proper Strategy, Plan, and Actions! Get a blueprint to launch and grow your business!