We Change The Way You Are Seen In The Marketplace!

If You are a Coach, Consultant or Expert with a clear offer, my team and I will work on your Expert Positioning and change the way you are seen in the marketplace.


Are you getting the wrong people coming to you who say they can’t afford your services?


Are you discounting your prices to close clients?


Do you want better clients and get paid more for what you do without people questioning your prices?


Are you not getting speaking engagements and opportunities coming to you consistently?


Are you not getting enough followers, fans, or enough visibility?


Do You Know, we can solve this in 30 days or less! You have to spend just 2 hours in total and we will take care of the rest!

It’s Time to Unleash Your Expertise!

In Just 30 days or less, you will get :

  • Optimized Social Media Profile
  • Cohesive Social Media Designs
  • Media Coverage on your signature offer. /Signature post on 250+ media outlets
  • Guaranteed Guest Posting on at least 4 High Authoritative Websites
  • Creating your Expert Profile (Guest Profile)
  • Marketing you on more than 40 relevant Podcasts for invitation as a guest there.
  • 10 Videos of yours on the selected burning topics on your field of expertise for Social Media and all those uploaded on Youtube
  • 20 Social Media Relevant Posts with Image/ Quote/ Audiogram
  • Ebook PDF with 10 Burning Questions Your Niche is Searching Online (which you can use as a freebie)

The Process – How It Will Happen

We follow a 5 Step Process to get everything done for you in 30 Days or less!

Step 1 - A Quick Discovery Call ( We say Hi for 30 mins)

This will be a small session, where we will hop on a quick  Zoom call with you and understand your audience and your offer.

Step 2 - Research ( Our Team will do the research)

After the discovery call, our team will conduct competition mapping and research and we will prepare:

  • 10 burning questions that your niche is searching online.
  • 40 most influential Podcasts in your niche
  • What needs to be done to optimize your social media profile?
  • What changes are needed in your Social Media Branding?
Step 3 - Presentation Call ( We will present you the research and works)

Once the research is done we will prepare a presentation and present it to you online over a zoom call. After the session, all you need to do is prepare the answers for the 10 burning questions and we start optimizing your profile and creating your Social Media Branding. 

Step 4 - Interview Session ( We will talk for an hour )

We will hop on a session with you on zoom where we are going to ask you the 10 questions and you are going to answer those questions. We will record the entire session.

Step 5 - Delivery ( You have to Relax!)

Once the recording is done, now all you need to do is Relax and our team will do all the hard work to build your expertise.

In the next 15 days, we create all the materials and will do your expert marketing.

We will cut the video recording and create 10 videos out of it, take out 20 pieces of content for social media posts which will include quotes and actionable.

We will publish your profile on 250+ media outlets and do guest posting on 4 high authoritative websites. We will create your expert profile and we will be sending your profile on Top 40 Influential Podcasts in your niche for Guest Interview.

We will write and design the Ebook based on the 10 burning questions your niche is searching online and we will design a professional cover along with it as well.

Everything is taken off from your plate

So, all the hard work is done by us and Everything is taken off your plate to uplift your brand and play the next level game. 

Take the first step – book a short call with me, and let’s map your game plan!

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • Your prospects reach you directly and want to work with you.

  • You are connected and interacting with the top influencers in your industry.

  • Your website traffic has increased and you are over booked with calls.

  • You no longer need to give discounts to close a sale.

  • Your social media followers are engaging and interacting with you regularly.